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Sensitive. Care.

DiCart offers a modern solution to a disguised problem.

Incremental product

Designed for Inclusion

Socially aware

What is DiCart?

Our product, the DiaCart, and the services surrounding it, making use of intelligent sensors and devices, helps those with a fast-paced and energetic lifestyle who want to be independent and not defined by their chronic illness. By avoiding social awkwardness and working with the user, the intervention quickly provides practical information to the user to act upon at their earliest convenience, freeing their minds as fast as possible.

21 % Adherence

Only 21 % of adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D) meet glycemic goals set forth by the American Diabetes Association.

Lack of Depth

Interventions that focus on direct, behavioral processes and neglect emotional, social, and family processes are unlikely to have an impact on glycemic control.


What We Offer

DiCart is a system of products and services that will take care of patients experiencing Type 1 Diabetes through their rushed and busy lives offering independence from their chronic diseases.


Delivered to your door.

All the insulin you need will be delivered to your door so that you won't be caught out again.


Personalized to your schedule

Data will be used to predict insulin schedules so that you can control when and where you take it.


Integrated in your life.

DiCart means that it won't interrupt your lifestyle so you can keep doing what you want when you want.


Care anywhere.

DiCart's kit offers a condensed solution that can go anywhere you go.

Each kit includes enough Insulin for 2 days.

Each subscription includes 1 kit and a regular delivery of insulin cartridges to each patient. Data will be used to improve the efficient of each delivery and what is delivered to reduce waste and cost.


Colour coded for people.

Each needle cartridge is prefilled and colour coded for quick use. All you need to do is take the one suggested by the app and then carry on with your day.

Everything in one place

Easy to fit wherever

Custom to you

Collaboration with industry leaders.

Important partnerships with key industry leaders will be key to the success of the DiCart. Ensuring both safety for our clients and viability for the service.


Designed for a rushed lifestyle.

Each cartridge is prefilled and colour coded for quick use. All you need to do is take the one suggested by the app and then carry on with your day.


Funding sought after will be spread across portions of the business that will help build out the initial services and manufacturing for a MVP that is suitable for the consumer.



A distribution network will be setup to help deliver the insulin cartridges direct to consumers nationally with correct storage considerations.


Entry Stratgey

Entry in to the market will include practitioner education that will help inform patients and doctors the benefits of such a service.

Software Driven Experience.


Development in to software will ensure a complete experience for consumers. Opportunities will be available to sell software separately to kit and cartridge.

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Risk vs Return

Risk Areas

  • Regulation

  • Distribution



Subscription model ensures consistent and predictable ROI.

Low Risk

The software platform can be easily spun off from the physical products in response low subscriptions to ensure long-term viability for the business.

Subscription model

A subscription model offers a consistency for patients that lets them think less about their T1D. It also affords a valuable business model that can sustain future development of improved solutions.

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Meet the Team

Isaac offers extensive knowledge across all parts of the business. Covering technological considerations as well design aesthetics that have afforded many of the foundations of the DiCart system.

Get Ready, and live you life.

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